BMW Concept X2

"With the BMW Concept X2, we're taking a clear step forward in design", said Karim Habib, leader of BMW Design, during a joint meeting at the Autosalon Paris 2016. Habib was referring to significant changes to some of the typical aspects of BMW design, such as the kidney grille, the old-fashioned 'Hofmeister Knicks' (named after BMW designer Wilhelm Hofmeister), and other aspects that many modern-day BMW drivers may not know about. But aside from specific details, the crossover-coupe represents more than just another concept car or study in design. It represents a great leap forward in history of BMW design overall.

What does the BMW interior design of tomorrow look like? In Paris, Habib concluded that, "For designers, a concept car is an excellent way to break with design tradition" – and that is exactly what the BMW Concept X2 embodies in a big way. It’s a big leap in BMW design, and it will play an important role in the future, as it embodies a certain lifestyle – one that does not involve compromising quality or comfort.


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by Designlovr